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Looking For a Tennis Academy in North Sydney?

The Vince Barclay Tennis Academy has been in business for over 30 years as a tennis academy in North Sydney, and many of the top players have come out of this program. The team is committed to the fine development of its students. This programme is always based on three guiding principles; those are discipline, responsibility and effort. Every student is encouraged to reach toward his or her full potential both on and off the court.

Benefits of Tennis School Holiday Programs in North Sydney

This organization does not just produce players, but people also mature in it. Yes, some of these will become champions, but we are more interested in helping our students become successful as members of a tennis school holiday program in North Ryde in all walks of life on and off the court. These are coaches, trainers and educators who are always committed to building tennis players, athletes and individuals. It is all put in place for you to succeed.

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Vince Barclay Tennis is an educational type of builder of the very highest of standards. It also has a proven track record in developing successful young people all the way along their lives by using tennis and education within an academic framework as the basis for all of their personal and tennis development in North Sydney. The discipline as well as also the value of personal effort the co-existence, cultural formation and spirit to develop all of those aspects of that which will form not only part of a tennis player, but even go beyond that to the soul or what Is called the character of a person to meet with confidence any challenge that arises in his or her life.








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Match practice
We are looking for players every afternoon at 2pm to play against our overseas students (players).á Please give us a call on 98770679 for details.... Continue reading.
Our Next Yonex Clay Court Challenge
Our next Yonex Clay court Challenge will be on June 16, Sunday from 1pm. Please go to: http://tournaments.tennis.com.au/sport/tournament.aspx?id=FAF37FE8-6198-4A5C-92C7-33313C63A863 You could email us or ring us if you would like to enter.... Continue reading.
School holiday tennis camp
Next school holiday is approaching. Our school holiday camp from July 1st to July 5th, the details will be on website soon - this time only 1 week as we have AMT starting from 9th July to 12 July.á Any enquiry - please email:á barclayacademy@gmail... Continue reading.

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