Term 4 Coaching Timetable

Monday4pm – 5pmANZ Hot Shot (Red Ball)
5:30pm – 7:30pmAdult Group Coaching (Beginner)
6:30pm – 7:30pmAdult Group Coaching (Intermediate & Beginner)
Tuesday4pm – 5pmANZ Hot Shot (Hot Shot Graduates)
5pm – 7pmElite squad (11+)
Wednesday4:30pm – 5:15pmANZ Hot Shot (Red Ball)
4:30pm – 5:15pmANZ Hot Shot (Orange Ball)
5pm to 6pmStrength & Conditioning with Nathan
6pm to 7:30pmElite squad (11+)
Thursday6pm – 7pmAdult Group Coaching (Intermediate)
4:30pm to 7pmSpecial Match practice session
Friday4pm – 5pmANZ Hot Shot (Green Ball)
4:15pm – 5pmANZ Hot Shot (Red Ball)
4:15pm – 5pmANZ Hot Shot (Orange Ball)
5pm – 6pmGraduates squad (+11)
5pm – 7pmElite squad (+14)
Saturday10am – 10:45amANZ Hot Shot (Red Ball)
10am – 10:45amANZ Hot Shot (Orange Ball)
10am – 11amANZ Hot Shot (Green Ball)

For more information on joining our coaching or any inquiries,

Please email us here.

Or phone in at 9877 0679.


Adult group coaching (10 weeks) $250 or $28 each lesson

ANZ Hot Shot $225 for 10 weeks or $25 per lesson
*Saturday Hot Shots group will  be 9 weeks due to Easter Saturday public holidays

Advanced squad $450 for 10 weeks or $55 per lesson
*Please note Friday has 9 weeks this term due to Good Friday April 10, public holiday

Wednesday Strength & Conditioning with Nathan $30 per lesson

Private Coaching $90/hour – $48/30 min (7 days a week) – only by appointment
If paying for 10 sessions in advance – 10 % discount.

If you have registered with Active kids, you can use the voucher to pay for the term.