Tuesday night Men’s Clay court competition

Starts February 21, 2017, 7:30pm to 10pm, $160 per player for 9 weeks
Singles x 2 and doubles 1 tie break set
Balls provided.

Hot Shot League

Adult and Children's group coaching class
Private lessons (7 days a week)
Adult Competition
Court Hire (Synthetic grass, hard and clay)
Hot Shot League (Sunday)
Saturday afternoon Junior Fast 4 competition

Finding Tennis Competitions in North Sydney

One can find a tennis competition in North Sydney by browsing upcoming events on a calendar. Tennis competitions that are part of the Medibank Development series are designed to help younger players improve their skills. Tennis competitions that are part of the Australia Money Tournaments are designed for players transitioning from junior tennis to adult tennis. Players interested in competing must register at least 14 days prior to the tournament at:

Corporate Tennis Competitions

If you would like to join corporate tennis competitions you must first of all meet the criteria for the specific competition. These competitions are for children and teens at specific age and skill levels, and introduce them to the idea of playing in regularly scheduled tournaments throughout the year. No Australian Ranking Points are awarded for play.

University Tennis Competition

You can join university tennis competitions even if you are not a student of the university. The competitions held at Macquarie University are part of the Australia Money Tournaments, at the white (lowest) level recommended for those athletes who are just beginning to transition from junior tournaments into the Open environment. This means that winners will receive a monetary prize. Australian Ranking Points are awarded for play.

AMT(Australian Money Tournament)

To enter,please go to:

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